Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ignorance and superstition recipe stuffed tragedy father rape female 14 years old biological treatme

recently, working in Fuqing Choi Chongqing police, said her 15-year-old daughter Xiaoyan (a pseudonym) was abducted, police found after Xiaoyan, opened an absurd tragedy of ethics - daughter had

Recently, Choi on suspicion of raping a minor daughter was Fuqing Municipal People's Procuratorate approved the arrests.

Police find girl, her answer shocking

10 years old, Xiaoyan Choi taken by his father to work in Fujian. Choi, 43, is in Chongqing in 2006, after the divorce with his wife, brought her daughter to the Fuqing, by doing odd jobs for a living. July 21, 2011, Choi went from Fuqing Sandu County, Guizhou Province, the local Public Security Bureau police, said his daughter was 50-year-old man abducted to a high local to the police rescued Xiaoyan.

Xiaoyan quickly found, but the girl's reply to the police was shocked, she says, she is a volunteer with a 50-year-old high Guizhou living together, and allegations from his 13-year-old, have to treat her father's

pig semen when to take medicine, tried several times

7 28, the case was transferred to Guizhou Fuqing City, a police station are investigating. August 2, Choi was brought back from the Fujian Fuqing police. According to Choi confession, Xiaoyan childhood with

Choi only primary school education for the cure of the disease Xiaoyan, tried many ways, but her daughter's condition has not improved. Once, listening to a relative, said Choi, Xiaoyan have remedies to treat the disease, that is, when mating sows with boar semen and soup to eat Xiaoyan. So absurd remedies, Choi actually believed, tried several times, forcing Xiaoyan eat.

father of her 13-year-old was raped

more stunning is that Choi actually brewing a more absurd treatment plan. Starting from February 2009, on the basis of the above recipe, Choi personal battle to cure the grounds, and was not forced over 14 years of age Xiaoyan sex.

According to the police investigation, Xiaoyan was only the third grade, Choi's 2011, Xiaoyan chose with his father's drinking buddy, 50-year-old man, a high run away from home to escape his father.

Choi Why absurd? Police said Choi only primary school education, and alcoholics among the local population the impression that Choi was a Choi has hit the streets in Fuqing a stray woman, women will be riding a motorcycle handlebar stray away, and said to get married with each other, who knows motorcycles turned half way, throwing stray Choi woman, started to run , almost kills.

Recently, Choi on suspicion of statutory rape, have been arrested. Xiaoyan also lost contact with his mother early. Xiaoyan told police investigators that she is now willing to work with 50-year-old man living with a high, wait until they reached the legal age for marriage, marry a high.

Gaddafi was handed over to the opposition , said before the International Tribunal for trial in Liby

fruit added that Gaddafi is still in Libya , the opposition will not allow him to escape . Even if he is not in the capital Tripoli , Libya, he may flee to central or southern regions. He also said: Golden Gate women's Self-Defense Forces

civil defense militia

Chinese cigarette price list

Taiwan media explosion Sisy Chen Jie Dilian fell through with doctors for seven years broke up ( Fig

Sisy Chen and Song Zhengyu went to see the end of 2006 New Year's Eve show. Pictures from the network

China Taiwan News Online August 24 , according to Taiwan media reports, the latest issue of Sisy Chen busy social activities , see celebrities ; Song Zhengyu is to take the MRT to work , one person living alone , looked lonely .

According to Taiwan media to understand , surnamed Song Zhengyu with his ex-wife have 1 child education , said Chen 's brother , sister, and divorced after Song , temperament has undergone great changes, not contact with outsiders , but did not complain of Sisy Chen , also that are themselves not good enough . For the break up of the said Sisy Chen said through assistant , private business does not respond, but also to the Song of the clinic doctor. Song said he did not know a break up , Ms. Chen has always been good friends with . (China Taiwan Network Woo )