Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Taiwan media explosion Sisy Chen Jie Dilian fell through with doctors for seven years broke up ( Fig

Sisy Chen and Song Zhengyu went to see the end of 2006 New Year's Eve show. Pictures from the network

China Taiwan News Online August 24 , according to Taiwan media reports, the latest issue of Sisy Chen busy social activities , see celebrities ; Song Zhengyu is to take the MRT to work , one person living alone , looked lonely .

According to Taiwan media to understand , surnamed Song Zhengyu with his ex-wife have 1 child education , said Chen 's brother , sister, and divorced after Song , temperament has undergone great changes, not contact with outsiders , but did not complain of Sisy Chen , also that are themselves not good enough . For the break up of the said Sisy Chen said through assistant , private business does not respond, but also to the Song of the clinic doctor. Song said he did not know a break up , Ms. Chen has always been good friends with . (China Taiwan Network Woo )

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