Friday, May 13, 2011

2 U.S. siteline agents killed at exercise -

Two U.S. Border Patrol agents who were assisting in the understanding of suspected illegal emigrants were killed Thursday when their vehicle was struck by a train, officials said.

They were driving an unmarked Border Patrol traffic when it was struck by a 90-car freight practice at a crossroads almost nine miles west of Gila Bend, Arizona, the agent said.

Authorities were investigating what caused the accident that slew Border Patrol Agents Eduardo Rojas Jr. and Hector Clark, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said in a expression.

The vehicle, an SUV, was struck by the train at the rail crossing of Paloma Road approximate exit 106 of Interstate 8.

"This is unfortunate not just for me, not just for the Yuma Sector, yet for the Border Patrol as a entire," Border Patrol lecturer Kenneth Quillin said.

The agencies were on obligation and were facilitating other officers in tracking down a team of human suspected apt have entered the country illegally, Quillin said. The proxies were attempting to position themselves northwardly of where the additional agents were, he said.

Both Clark, 39, and Rojas, 35, were guide agents in the Border Patrol's Yuma Sector, the agency said.

Rojas, who had been working with the patrol for more than 11 annuals, is survived by his wife and 2 babies. Clark, who had been working with the patrol for approximately 10 years, also is survived by his wife and two kid.

"This tragedy namely a reminder to entire of us that if they are facing down a guilty infer with a weapon, or patrolling the highways and deserts, these decree enforcement professionals encounter life-threatening perils every daytime," Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne said.

Napolitano noted the service of others as she expressed compassion for the martyrs and their families.

"We also keep in our thoughts and prayers all of those who put their lives at hazard every day, at home and overseas, to defend our country. We glory their service and appeal for their proceeded safety," she said.

On Friday, a Mexican male was arraigned in a U.S. allied tribunal because the killing last December of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in Arizona.

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